My Easy Salon Blowout At Home With R&CO

We all love trips to the salon right? The feeling of your hair in the stylists hands, getting pampered for an hour or two, then walking out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? While I’m not telling you not to visit the salon, I am here to share a couple of my favorite products with you to get the feeling of going to a salon – but without the cost or time.

Sometimes my hair just doesn’t want to dry naturally straight for me – or rather, it never does – LOL. That’s why I’ve recently become a huge fan or blowouts. They make my hair smooth and frizz-free AND last for days.

Products – To get a blowout with volume & shine, I grab my R&CO Dallas Thickening Spray and High Dive Shine Lotion.

Once my hair is towel dry, I disperse the High Dive Shine Lotion onto the palms of my hand (about the size of a grape) and work it through my hair mid shaft to ends.

Then I spray my Dallas Thickening Spray all over my hair, paying close attention to my roots.

Lastly, I add Dry Bar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Spray and 100 Proof Treatment Oil to prevent any heat damage on my hair.

Afterwards, I work my Wet brush through my hair to ensure the products are evenly distributed.

Begin The Blowout! – Then I go onto blowdrying the lower half. I use the DryBar Buttercup Hairdryer, and have been for years. I have a couple versions of the hairdryer and overall am very happy with how quickly it dries my hair without causing a lot of heat damage!

I tend to blow-dry the bottom hair is four sections, while smoothing my hair out with my round brush.

After the bottom half is dry, I release my hair on top and comb through it again before parting it in sections to blow-dry.

I make sure I am either curling my hair under or over my hair so I get a slight curl going inwards or outwards deepening on the style I want that day.

Make sure if you have bangs to dry your hair upwards to allow for maximum volume in the front!

Finish – Once my hair is completely dry, I blast my hair with the “cool” setting on my hairdryer to lock in the style.

Additionally, If you care to finish with a hairspray or texture spray, feel free to for additional style! I personally keep my hair just like it is after I blow-dry because I don’t like having too many products in my hair at one time!

Aftercare – My blowout will typically last 2-3 days. If you find that any bits of your hair feel dry or brittle, go ahead and add some more shine creme to those areas! I always all the shine creme to my hair at night before heading to bed so it can fully absorb and be ready to go in the morning!

These tips should all help you achieve a salon blowout at home! Check out the entire line from R&Co here – There products have all made a difference in my hair health and vitality!

Video Tutorial – Here is a link to a video reference of my blowout! Feel free to watch!


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