My Microblading Experience Through Groupon

If you read the title and thought to yourself – “what”???

Let me explain.

I have wanted to microblade my eyebrows for a couple years now, but never wanted to pay the hefty price tag that came with it.

Whenever I previously looked into getting microblading done the price was between $600-$800 for an initial treatment. And honestly, for that amount of money I can make do with penciling my caterpillars in myself.

Every once in a while, I scroll through the local deals on Groupon to see if there are any valuable beauty deals listed such as facials, massages, etc. I saw one one day for microblading and thought NO WAY.

The deal had two options. Initial microblading treatment for $215, or initial treatment and fill for $250. And I thought, for over HALF the price I would have paid elsewhere, why not test it out? Even if my brows don’t end up looking perfect, they’ve got to look better than their current situation right?

I thought about it for a few days, thinking, is this a good deal or am I going to completely mess up my eyebrows altogether?

I bought the deal. You know, didn’t want to miss out any everything – LOL.

A few days later I scheduled the appointment and eagerly waited for the day to come. I really had no idea whatsoever to expect, other than microblading is a permanent makeup treatment, so I imagine there was going to be some kind of tattooing going on with a needle or gun.

Walking into the salon, I immediately could tell why it was a Groupon – LOL. The place was extremely bare with only a single table in with the treatments took place. It was also run by a single woman – no staff.

But I thought to myself, ok, you get what you pay for and I’ve already paid for this treatment so lets get on with it.

I laid down on the table bed and the lady (forgot her name) coated my brows with numbing cream. Usually numbing cream takes 10-20 minutes to absorb into ones skin in order to numb it and allow for a large reduction in pain during the procedure. She left it on for no more than 5 minutes.

She then wiped the cream off and traced an outline onto my brows. She frequently asked questions of how I wanted my brows to look (natural, full) then make corrections as we talked.

I trying to remind calm and collected because I knew once she pulled out the micro needling machine things were going to hurt. But I was incredibly wrong. They REALLY hurt. I wanted to cry.

I quickly found out the device they use to micro needle eyebrows is actually a knife. It involves scalpels, ink, and a million cuts to your face. You read that right. So imagine how scared I was when I realized all this pain was coming from a knife she was slicing my face with. Again, I tried to stay calm but really how could I when the pain was a 8/10 and a knife was cutting my brows every 5 seconds?

Nervously I tried to talk to the lady the entire procedure thinking, okay, if I talk, the pain will diminish. Well, this helped slightly, but the lady doing the procedure (again, forgot her name) wasn’t much of a conversationalist.

Thus it put me in a weird spot – what was she actually doing to my eyebrows, and what were they going to end up looking like?

The whole process took around an hour, and once I was done my brows were dark, thick, and looked like giant caterpillars on my face. I learned this is how they’re supposed to look as they would later fade and peel in the coming weeks. It didn’t prevent me from freaking out a bit because after all – there really was no way to hide them.

Curious to find out what happened afterwards and what the touch-up process was like? The weeks after my initial treatment including the healing process can be watched here on my YouTube channel!


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