5 Minute Straightening With EVANYC!

If you’re like me and you wash your hair at night, then you know how awful and frumpy your hair can look in the mornings!

I resort to my EVANYC straightening brush in this case because it straightens and shines my hair in record speed!

The EVANYC Silk Set is a complete kit featuring a must-have 10-in-1 primer to use before you begin styling your hair! It’s lightweight and comes in a spray to easily apply to wet or dry hair!

EVANYC Straightening Set


EVANYC Straightening Set

EVANYC Straightening Brush

EVANYC 10-in-1 Shampoo

EVANYC 10-in-1 Conditioner

EVANYC 10-in-1 Primer


Section Clips

Optional – EVANYC Glitter Spray

First Step – Wash your hair the night before and let it dry while you sleep! Also feel free to spray some of the 10-in-1 primer before you go to bed to ends to add extra moisture and strength!

Second Step – Wake up and plug in hair straightening brush! Then go ahead and spray the 10-in-1 primer throughout hair then section hair from top to bottom. Once brush is heated (won’t take more than a minute or two) begin brushing through your hair at a slow sleep to straighten those crimps out!

Third Step – Release upper half of hair and repeat the same process till you get your hair as straight as you want it!

Fourth Step – If you’re feeling extra special, you can also top your hair off with the EVANYC Glitter Spray!

Here is my IGTV to help walk you through my process!


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