8 Trends To Keep Adding To Your Winter Wardrobe Now

Some trends come and go, some trends stick with us season after season. I always think it’s important to stay up to date with what is currently trending. However, that doesn’t mean I recommend to spend a bunch of money on items that won’t last. That being said, here are the trends – for every budget – that are worth buying now irregardless of your budget. BONUS – they’ll take you into the spring season as well!

  1. Puff Sleeves

Not only are puff sleeves incredibly flirty and instantly add an exude of drama, they’re fun. Like really fun. Though they aren’t anything brand spanking new, their longevity promises us they will ride with us into spring and summer.

2. Sweat Sets

Who can refuse a good sweat set? We all want to be comfortable (I’d call you a liar if you disagree). They are one of the hottest things to be wearing right now due to their comfort, simplicity, and easy pairing with our other winter favorites. Oh yeah, and you won’t have to change when you return home – πŸ˜‰

3. Slouchy Suit Pants

Forget the blazer dresses, jumpsuits, and power suits. We are riding the wave of comfort so naturally that crosses into the menswear fits as well. Don’t slack on finding a pair with a tailored waist though – we are still going to want to see that amazing silhouette of yours!

4. Chunky Boots

We’re throwing in those stiletto heels because well, it’s just not practical in the winter. Especially if you’re like me and there’s currently a sheet of snow and ice on the streets. Opt for chunky heels and soles with extra traction. Not also do they look super tough, they’re just practical this time of year – LOL.

5. Oversized Knits

This is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Why? Because not only are these things majorly comfortable, they’re perfect to tote around with you in the warmer months when you walk indoors and the AC is blasting. Hello goosebumps. I recommend finding one slightly more expensive, you don’t have any unnecessary peeling or itching.

6. Puffer

Puffer jackets, coats, and accessories are coming in at full speed. And, not only are they super warm, they instantly help us all nail the street vibe look that’s trending right now. Be safe and stick with neutrals, or go wild and go neon.

7. Boxy Blazers

If you really want to save some money – raid your dads closet. Otherwise buy from the mens department… WAIT. You don’t have to. The bigger the better and you won’t have to sneak around to get the style – head to your nearby Zara, or Topshop, or wherever. This trend is big – in more than one way πŸ˜‰

8. Button-down Shirts

We’re all into loose fits and were not ending without adding one more. The classes white button downs have been revamped for females in an oversized careless way. Wear under or over knits, pair with knee-high boots, sport with sneakers, the possibilities really are endless.


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