10 Items Everyone Needs In Their Closet

With all the trends that come and go each season, it can be difficult to decide which styles are worth keeping, which to buy, and which ones to ditch. I’ve listed out must-haves for any wardrobe, for any budget, no matter what your style preferences are! These pieces are absolute classics that are incredibly easy to style up or down!

The best part about all these pieces is that they’re basics. Meaning, that once you have these, building and putting together outfits becomes a breeze! So often, people struggle with finding what to wear. With these pieces, that guesswork becomes a thing of the past!

  1. White Button Down Shirt

These are classics for a reason. Not only can you pretty much buy them at any store anywhere in the world, but they’re sleek and professional looking. Make sure to iron yours and keep it crisp as wrinkles can make for a sloppy look.

2. Plain White Tee

Seriously, what’s more versatile? Effortless to style and looks good on everyone no matter your age or gender. I highly recommend buying these in bulk as you’ll be going through a lot of these over time, and I also recommend not spending a lot of money on them either.

3. Tote Bag

A good tote is not only an everyday essential but a travel must. Invest in one with high quality leather that will endure wear and tear. Find one that sits comfortable on your shoulder for those days when you’ve got a lot to carry around!

4. Sleek High Heels

Get yourself in a neutral color (black, nude, white) and give yourself a confidence boost. Find ones that won’t making walking so painful, and add in inserts to provide extra cushion. These are a staple in every womens closet because they uplift an entire look in seconds and make you look incredibly fashion forward.

5. Black Trousers

No matter if you’re wearing these to the office or on the weekends, a pair of black pants always looks undeniable sleek and sophisticated. Find a pair that is tailored to your shape and made of good quality so they last season after season.

6. White Sneakers

A true classic and beyond comfortable. Pair with jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, activewear, you name it! Suitable for any outfit and any season! Just make sure to keep them nice and white!

7. Structured Blazer

Blazers have earned their stripes over the years and have come a long ways as previously being a “menswear” item only. Throw these over a dress, pair with athleisure wear, or sport them at the office. Be sure to find one that fits true to your size, or go oversized to nail the streetstyle trend right now.

8. Dark Wash Denim

A pair that always looks fresh and polished. The best part is that they don’t stain like lighter washed do, and always look appropriate in every situation. Best to find a pair that is equal parts comfortable and flattering as you’ll be wearing these nonstop.

9. Black Leggings

Everyones go-to pant when they want to be fashionable, and its easy to understand why. No matter your body shape you can find a pair that suits you. Leggings have come a long way since the 80s and you can now style them for your yoga class or style them for nights out with your girlfriends.

10. Little Black Dress

No item is more basic, and is more frequently used than a LBD. Simple yet stunning, its a total blank slate for you to style on your own. Spend a little or spend a lot, the LBD will get you through a lot!


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