6 Grandma Trends That Are So In Right Now

Remember the days when we used to make fun of our grandmothers for what they were? Yeah, those days are over. Now, more than ever, granny is proving to be a real style icon. From embroidered knits, to cardigan sets, to knee-high socks, granny has it going on!

Follow along as I show you the hottest “granny” trends right now, how to wear them, and where to find them!

PS – Feel free to raid your grandmothers closest πŸ˜‰

  1. Cardigans

These have been EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere. You cant escape them. I used to wear these during elementary and have been feeling super nostalgic wearing them again. These are most flattering theyre fitting and stop at the waist. Find inspiration through some of your favorite celebrity icons like Kendall and Bella for a major 90s vibe. Choose your favorite color – go bare with neutrals or go bold in sunny pastels.

2. Knee-High Socks

Lunch lady vibes anyone? I feel ya. But we need to think more Blair Waldorf than the ladies with hairnets serving you cold macaroni. If Prada could make these fashionable on the runway, so can you. Find a cheap pair off Amazon – wear them for Spring and wear them again in the Fall.

3. Tweed

Never did I ever NOT like tweed….but tweed is back. Not everyone can afford a super luxe Chanel set, so find a budget friendly set off of sites like Forever 21, Amazon, Storets, and Fashion Nova. Pick up a tweed dress, skirt, or jacket on their own and pair them up with denim for more of a casual look. Feel free to play with in-season pastels or pick a classic black/white combo to sport year round.

4. Head Scarves

Less of a fashion accessory back in the day and more of a way to get the wind in your face bu….t hey, when it doubt – make it fashionable. Channel those iconic Vogue covers and wrap it around your entire head of hair, of tie it around your neck, OR attach it to one of your favorite bags. Either way these scarves are playful and fun so wear accessorize them how you like.

5. Mules

Goodness gracious, I remember really not liking these shoes. And granted – if styles hadn’t changed I don’t think these shoes would be on the list. However, the basic mule has gotten serious upgrade. Check out Zara and Topshop for chic styles. Honestly, while I love these shoes, I think us females are just getting sick of wearing heels. This way, we can add a little height and sophistication to our outfit without killing our poor feet.

6. Structured Handbags

Set aside those itty bitty handbags that you cant even fit your phone in and replace them with a quality handbag that will keep its shape time after time. Grandma always knew how to be polished – and this style will get you there. Invest is a bag that is high-quality and won’t lose its shape. Some of my favorite below.


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