10 Best Places To Buy Clothing On A Budget

Sometimes, it just isn’t necessary to spend gobs of money on new clothing – you know what I mean? But also in the same sense, it’s hard to pass up that certain “something” you’ve had your eyes on….

If you’re like me, you love saving money on fun fashion – especially when it comes to trends.

I’ve lined up 10 places to score major discounts on clothing that I personally shop at and I hope you fall in love with too!

Whatever your style is I’m sure you’re find several sites that will be a perfect match AND that you can shop at again and again for all your fashion needs!

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  1. Poshmark

I’m sure we’re all on Poshmark – either as a buyer or a seller, but it youre not… WHO ARE YOU? Haha, but seriously. This easy-to-use app lets you score major discounts on all your favorite brands low end to high end. Don’t forget to submit an offer to try to score an exclusive deal!


2. Depop

Where were we before Depop? Honestly, I’m probably late on finding out about this amazing site/app but it is my #1 place right now to find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces at incredible prices!


3. Nasty Gal

What in the world would I do without Nasty Gal? Not only are they constantly rolling out new products, but they have super sales every week that you just can’t miss. They have everything trendy from graphic tees, to crop top, to wide leg jeans. Add things to your shopping cart then purchase later with one of their discount codes.


4, Forever 21

Who doesn’t love this store? I mean honestly. I grew up shopping here and STILL love it. Shop on their online website versus their brick-and-mortar stores to see a much larger selection and feel free to sign up one of their credit cards to earn rewards!


5. Fashion Nova

Really a fantastic place to find clothing that is perfect for a night out or anything that’s a special occasion. They have a lot of bold and daring pieces as well, so if youre style lines up with this, head here.


6. Shein

This site is a real powerhouse and it is VERY easy to get lost in it. They have so many items you seriously can be on this site for hours. Aside from clothing they have super inexpensive products for your home so if you’re looking to add some fun new decor to your space, look no further!


7. Boohoo

Another super trendy, cutting-edge website with a ton of the latest fashion at low prices. Frequent sales so again, add things to your cart to buy later 😉


8. Amazon

If you thing Amazon doesn’t know fashion – think again. They have a huge section of their site solely dedicated to fashion. Im not kidding. Shop by price, browse through their shopping guides, find help with a personal stylist, and keep an eye out for exclusive collaborations with major fashion brands.


9. Pretty Little Thing

Really love Pretty Little Thing, like reallyyyyy. Now maybe that’s because my style is more on the girly side…. but they literally also have stuff on sale. Rarely do you find things over $100 so if you’ve got a whole list of things you’re looking to buy head here. Also their packaging is super cute and they sell other fun things on their site like self tanners and hair extensions!

10. The Real Real

Saved this one for last because its definitely more on the pricey side, but it you can’t steer clear of designer, this is your best destination. The Real Real sells designer items in extremely good shape, and they host sales every week. You also can find designers goods that are current season or past season for dollars off retail.



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